1967-1975: Dr. Cool #1

Raymond Bottoms began tagging shortly after McCray did, using the name Dr. Cool #1. He first learned about Cornbread through his tag. He would see a wall with Cornbread’s name on it, and tag under it or pass a wall that he had already tagged and see that Cornbread had tagged next to him. They spoke to each other through their tags, taunting the other tagger and competing to see who could cover more walls. One night, Dr. Cool was at Geno’s Steaks, a Philadelphia staple, with some friends when somebody pointed out McCray sitting at a table across the room. “So I happened to have my magic marker, and I wrote my name on the table,” Bottoms said. “And then next thing I knew, he came by and I was still sitting there at the table. He said, ‘Who’s that?’ and I said, ‘That’s me.’” The legendary taggers have been friends ever since.

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