1967-1975: Cornbread, Earl and Me, Old Layout

After tagging the Jackson 5 jet, Cornbread’s fame grew. Hollywood producers came all the way to Philadelphia to track him down. Cornbread, Cool Earl, and Tity met with the producers, but Cornbread insisted on bringing his own lawyer. Once the producers saw that McCray would fight to protect his own interests, they backed off of the project and left Philly. In 1975, a film came out, starring a young Laurence Fishburne, called “Cornbread, Earl and Me.” Philadelphians rushed to see the film, expecting to see a movie about the tagging exploits of Cornbread, Earl, and Tity. Instead, they saw a story set in inner-city Chicago about a group of young basketball players. The filmmakers had taken Cornbread’s famous name and used it with no reference to the man who had made the name legendary. McCray was crushed and vowed to make his own film about his life someday.

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