1953-1965: The Early Years, Old Layout

Darryl McCray was born in North Philadelphia in 1953. Raised in Brewerytown, primarily by his grandmother, McCray grew up during the tumultuous 1960s.

Neighborhood Favorite
Wendy Quick grew up with McCray in North Philadelphia and recalls a warm, sociable boy, who would talk with everyone from the neighborhood. While McCray was often in trouble, those who grew up with him remember him as being mischievous, but not malicious.

Juvenile Delinquent
As a young boy growing up on the streets of North Philadelphia, McCray longed to be known. He loved to talk and did not respond well to teachers and authority figures that tried to stifle him. After one of his teachers slapped him in class to try to stop him from talking, McCray planned his revenge. He set fire to the teacher's office. Quickly the fire spread to the entire school, and McCray was sent to reform school.

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